Youth of Color: Watched and Shot (in San Francisco BayView)

Cho MichaelBIAZ AnthonyRamarley Graham funeralTrayvon Martin

(left to right, other youth of color dead from police violence: Michael Cho, Anthony Biaz, Ramarley Graham, and then image of Trayvon Martin.)

Trayvon Martin and Mumia Abu-Jamal. One is dead. One languished on death row for 30 years. They are separated in age by a generation, separated by different locations and different life-histories, but their stories of being under surveillance, watched and shot, intersect strikingly with each other and with many other people.

Both Trayvon and Mumia were represented by scores of activists converging on Washington, D.C., on April 24, in an Occupy the Justice Department event, which joins the Occupy movement to the resistance movement against the criminalization of youth of color.

Trayvon and Mumia have been respective catalysts for national consciousness .  .  .  READ MORE . . .


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