In the Trenton Times: “New Film ‘Mumia – Long Distance Revolutionary’ Reflects Abu-Jamal’s Struggle for Freedom”

Mumia Abu-Jamal.JPG

by Mark Lewis Taylor

The new film “Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary” has just completed a successful run in major-city theaters and will be released as a DVD/home video June 11. The film treats the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal, to some a “cop-killer,” but he has maintained his innocence for nearly 30 years on death row and has national and world support for a new trial and his freedom.

Amnesty International’s 2000 study of his case concluded that Abu-Jamal’s trial for the 1981 shooting death of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner “failed to meet minimum international standards of fairness.” Amnesty called for a new trial. Bishop Desmond Tutu, human rights advocate from South Africa, advocates Abu-Jamal’s “immediate release.” Read in full . . .

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